October 22, 2014

Kyle Bass Still Likes General Motors and sees high volatility soon

GM is Hayman’s largest position. Hayman still owns General Motors

Bass: Fed tapers to zero next week Kyle Bass, Hayman Capital Management, provides his view on central bank policy and the health of the global economy. Hayman discusses his currency outlook also.


Kyle Bass predicts more macro volatilityDiscussing the potential blow back from Japan’s debt crisis, with Kyle Bass, Hayman Capital Management.

Kyle Bass warns QE end will shake up markets

Kyle Bass, an American hedge fund manager, is the Founder of Hayman Capital. He received extensive coverage in the financial press for profiting $590 million by short selling the sub-prime mortgage bond market, before that market crashed. In 2011, Bass initiated a huge position in Greek sovereign debt through CDSs. Media reports were that he could profit up to 650 times his investment should Greece default on its debt obligations.